Digital-to-Solid Unlimited Products

Install real connection between digital file and solid product

There are now more materials and objects to print on than ever before.

  • Nowadays, you can print on nearly everything. Consider all the materials that can now be used as media; traditional paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, glass, MDF and wood are just the beginning... the possibilities are endless.
  • People love to add images, logos or text to make gifts more personal. Invite them to create their own gifts in our 3D Editor and receive files created by your clients. They are ready to be sent directly to the sublimation printer with no further technical or creative effort required.
  • * The Hefest platform allows you to create three-dimensional models of products and display them accurately in the browser. Your clients will simply upload images and add text to the models and the Hefest platform will output print-ready files.

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