Meet the Hefest Platform

The ultimate web interface for providers of print shop services.

Pre-configured with merchandise that you can add, remove or amend as you wish.
Accessed through an intuitive, easy to use interface on web, tablet and mobile.
Provides tracking and updates for your orders and those of your clients.

Hefest has it all covered - everything you need in one place!

Simple Order Interface

Convenient to use. Easily accessible. Multi-platform.

Is that true?

Print Workflow

Easily controllable. Fully automated. Reassuringly stable.

You bet!

Optimised for Studios, Schools & Events

Fully organised. Drives repeat sales.
Builds loyalty.

Oh, boy!

Fun Merchandise & Sublimation

Simple to experiment. Drives impulse sales. Range of merchandise.


Add Your Custom Products

Offers uniqueness. Endless flexibility. Print anything!

You joking?

Seamless Integration

Plug Hefest into your site. Offer all our services under your own brand.

But How?!