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It couldn't be simpler. The Hefest environment provides all the design, ordering and management applications you need in one place. It's what we call 'agnostic', it works everywhere - your retail kiosk, in-store PC, studio tablet, mobile... everywhere.

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Every application functions independently of the others, so you can select only the ones you need. Easy to integrate into your web site, they will work in exactly the same way they do within the Hefest Webshop.

There are four applications for different types of products. Check them out:

Nowadays, you can print on nearly everything. Consider all the materials that can now be used as media; traditional paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, glass, MDF and wood are just the beginning... the possibilities are endless. The beauty of the Hefest service is that it allows you to create realistic, top quality previews of your prints as if they were printed on specific materials to show what the final result will look like.

Personalised gifts are blank products which can be customised during the ordering process. People usually want to add special images, logos or text to make their gifts unique. Hefest lets you apply your own customisation to 3D models of the gifts you offer. The result and image of the customisations your customer has made can be put directly into production without any further technical or creative effort.

Our ordering interface for standard photoprinting allows you to place an order from any device at any time. Arrange and maintain incoming orders for your photo printers such as Fuji, Noritzu and Epson SureLab. You can automate the order receiving process and place incoming jobs directly into your print queue.

An efficient approach to digital printing of books, graduate works, professional papers and other documents. You can offer your clients a simple way to print out any quantity of their PDF files. They simply upload their jobs, then the Hefest Platform automatically calculates prices and delivers the files to you.