Fun Stuff and Personalised Gifts

People love to add images, logos or text to make gifts more personal. Invite them to create their own gifts in our 3D Editor and receive files created by your clients. They are ready to be sent directly to the sublimation printer with no further technical or creative effort from you.

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Make Anything

You can offer 3D models of any blank objects you sell. Either use models that are already in the Hefest library or our Hefest 3D modellers will help you to create your own unique products. When people come to order, they can customise all your models with their own designs. Let them have fun, then let them spend!

How it works

3 steps to show a product online

Upload your 3D model

Set areas for customisation

Get a link to the ordering interface

3 features to maintain the order

Receive file of the correct size ready to be printed

Get access to the source files

Display a 3D preview of the item ordered

Products can be of any shape or material. You can display them very close to the original which allows near perfect customisation.

You can define a specific size for the printed area on each product, or allow 'all over' printing, which covers the full surface as in this example of two pillows.

You can configure the output file and optimise it for your printing device, so it is ready for production as soon as the order is placed.

You can place several different models of a similar product in one ordering interface and allow people to select between them. You can structure these collections in the most convenient way for customers; group by size, colour, shape or any other characteristic of your choice. Whatever makes them easy for your customers to navigate and purchase. In the example on the left you can select between t-shirt sizes.